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SIT breeds, trains, and places service dogs for people with disabilities. Often, a service dog can provide that extra little push needed for a person with a disability to become more independent. The daily tasks, such as retrieving important medications or a phone, are an essential to the wellbeing of our clients. Dogs have been linked to positive changes in mood, self esteem, & even blood pressure. Just the touch of a dog can sometimes make us feel a little bit better. The combination of a dog's ability to assist both physically and emotionally is truly life changing.

Many of our clients enjoy being involved throughout the entire process. Because every client is different, we discuss the degree to which and in what ways he/she will be involved in the training and socializing of his/her new service dog.  We work one-on-one with clients to determine what suits their needs best. We are always just a phone call or email away. 


Before graduating from the program, each dog must pass several skill/temperament testing and a public access evaluation (we use the standards set forth by International Association of Assistance Dog Partners for public access work).  Clients then complete a week long training course with their new canine partner. Throughout the week we focus on facilitating the bonding process, familiarizing the client and any family members or aids in the use and care of the dog, integrating the dog into the clients routine, and discuss the next step for the new team. At the end of the week, clients must demonstrate the ability to utilize the service dog appropriately, handle the dog safely in public places, and care for the dog.


Our mission is to improve the lives of people with disabilities due to progressive and chronic diseases, trauma, & other conditions by not only making every day tasks easier, but also encouraging the emotional bond between a dog and its person to further support & foster independence.

We intentionally remain a smaller, personal program allowing us to provide one on one support to every unique client.

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