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Research suggests that pets can have a therapeutic effect on humans. Dogs have been used to aid in recovery from emotional and physical trauma, assist with physical and occupational therapies, improve reading scores in children with learning disabilities, and improve the quality of life for residential patients. Dogs have been linked to positive changes in mood, self esteem, & even blood pressure. Just the touch of a dog along can sometimes make us feel a little bit better.  SIT Service Dogs provides Canine Therapy visits for care and/or rehabilitation facilities,  child care centers (including programs for disabled, or abused children), support groups, and independent living facilities. We also offer educational therapy programs to local schools- preschool to university age! Residents can visit with Service Dogs in Training, often ranging in age from 10

Canine Therapy Program from SIT Service Dogs



weeks to 2 years of age. Our Canine Therapy Program gives individuals the chance to interact with a dog on a regular basis; experiencing the therapeutic touch of an animal, taking a break from their daily routine, and perhaps visiting with a dog when missing a pet from home. Our knowledgeable staff are equipped to handle a variety of environments/participants. Please contact us at (618) 426- 5666 if you are interested in participating in Sit Service Dogs' Canine Therapy Program

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