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Puppy and Basic Obedience Training Courses:

We offer puppy and adult classes using the same methods we use to train our service dogs- helping new owners get started on the right path to a happy, well mannered companion for years to come. Properly socializing & training puppies AND adults can help prevent common problems in later in life such as using the bathroom in the house, pulling on the leash, not coming when called, excessive barking, hyperactivity, destructive behavior, aggression or fear, and unwanted jumping.

Topics covered include:        

Potty training                                                    Greeting new people

Walking politely on a leash                           Breed behaviors

Nutrition- the do's and don'ts                      Socialization

Chewing                                                              Training tools

Learn to teach your dog:


Come (Recall)

Heel/leash manners


Please contact us for information on upcoming sessions, pricing, and eligibility.

Therapy Training Course

Looking to do volunteer work with your own dog? Our Therapy Dog class covers topics including use of dogs in therapies, reactivity, temperament testing, and facility access/therapy dog certification. Please contact us for session dates and times.


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