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Community Outreach Opportunities

If you or your business is interested in participating in any of the outreach services  SIT offers listed below, you can contact us at 618-426- 5666 or email us at

SIT offers several community programs aimed at furthering service dog and disability awareness. We are available for demonstrations for schools (ages preschool through university), in-service presentations for first responders/medical profressionals, and groups. Our dogs and trainers also participate in reading programs, to provide young children and children with learning disabilities a chance to practice their reading skills in front of non-judgemental audience. 

Throughout the year we offer lecture series and "ask the trainer" days at our facility or in a designated park/rescue event. Topics covered include troubleshooting common problems new rescue/puppy owners face, various basic obedience skills, and nutrition options. These pet education series are aimed at decreasing the number of dogs landing in shelters due to correctable behavior issues. In addition, we offer free temperament testing and behavior evaluations to rescues/shelters in our area. In special cases, we are able to pull a dog with a more complicated,  specific behavior problem and help the dog become more adoptable through on-site training. 

At SIT, we work with several student organizations to give university students hands on expereince with service dogs in training/therapy dogs, promote disability awareness, and further the socialization of puppies in the program. In addition to working closely with a registered student organization, each semester, our dogs visit the campus of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale as a part of a stress relief option prior to final exams. 

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