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How it our program works...


Sit Service Dogs is an incredibly unique program in that we operate as a privately owned organization without fundraising or donations. Instead, we have chosen to offer several valuable services to the local community for a fee. This allows us to pass on a considerable savings to our service dog clients. Clients are asked to fund less than 50% of the costs of their service dog through private fundraising, sponsorships, and/or payments.  We have has chosen to remain a privately owned organization as it allows us to provide a valuable service to the community while reducing the cost to clients of our service dogs. SIT offers a Canine Therapy Program, educational classes for school age children and universities,  and obedience and therapy dog training sessions which in turn reduces the fee we must charge for breeding, training, and placing each service dog.  Every dollar spent with SIT Service Dogs for Canine Therapy, educational services, and training helps keep the amount we ask families to fund raise for their service dogs lower. In addition to striving to be an educational and economical asset to our community, we also feel that time and funds that would otherwise be spent on fund-raising/ organizing events can instead be allocated to providing clients with personalized service and superior service dogs at a lower cost. For more information about the local services we offer, please scroll down.

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