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"My Medical Alert Dog, Twig, came to me almost 2 1/2 years ago. Before Twig, I couldn't go shopping or to the movies without the fear of seziure choking or hitting my head. Now, I know every where I go Twig is there. She has changed my life. Thanks SIT Service Dogs!"

-Sarah F.

"Aiden (service dog) has made such a different for our son! With our 14 year old son starting high school we wanted to make sure Justin had the ability to tackle the world and wanted him to know he could do it on his own. He and Aiden are pushing through barriers weekly! The work SIT Service Dogs does, and did with our son, is vital. They kept up with Justin's changing needs and were there for us."

Casey R.

Our community plays an important role in the training and socialization of our service dogs in training. Service dogs Remy and Angus attend an event in the park.

Service Dogs must be trained in numerous environments to perform their jobs properly under different circumstances. SIT Service Dogs work in various environments, scenarios, with different handlers prior to graduation. Tank, a Mobility Assistance Dog, performs a "wait" at the grocery store.

Diabetic Alert Dog, Efa, waits for her handler to choose something in a home improvement store.

Mobility Assistance Dog, Jack, can hold and carry items for his person.

Mobility Assistance Dogs remain by their partners' sides ready to retrieve dropped objects, open doors, and even pull a wheelchair short distances should the occasion call for it.​

Mobility Assistance Dog, Remy, waits next to his handler's chair.

Liam, a Sit Service Dog in Training, rides along to his next outing. 

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